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Mold is a fungus that can be found anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. 


This develops in damp, dark places, such as basements, bathrooms, kitchens and closets.

Having adequate ventilation is one of the best ways to prevent the appearance of mold, by allowing fresh air to circulate through the house, helping to reduce humidity and eliminating mold spores.

Write down these 6 tips to keep your house ventilated:

  • Open windows and doors regularly, this will help fresh air circulate throughout the house.

  • Install ventilation grilles on windows and doors, their function will be to help fresh air enter and humid air leave.

  • Install exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen, they will help eliminate humidity and odors from these rooms.

  • Keep basements and closets well ventilated, as these places are prone to humidity, so it is important to maintain good ventilation.

  • Repair water leaks, any detail in your roof or pipes can cause moisture in the walls and ceiling, which creates an environment conducive to mold.

  • Keep floors clean and dry, if it has standing water it can cause humidity and mold.


Remember not to take measures to treat mold yourself, this fungus is a transmitter of many diseases and should be treated by experts in the area.

Remember to have adequate ventilation, this is an important part of mold prevention. By following these tips, you can help keep your home dry and healthy.


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