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Our odor removal service specializes in eliminating unpleasant odors caused by various factors such as fire, water damage, mold, or other sources. Our goal is to provide a fresh and clean environment free from any lingering odors.


We Specialize in Odor Removal Services

Our expertise extends to odor removal services. If your home is plagued by persistent odors from sources like smoke, pets, or sewage, our skilled professionals can identify and eliminate them. We don’t just mask odors; we use effective techniques to address the root cause.

Persistent odors, whether from smoke, pets, or sewage, can be challenging to eliminate. At Easy Tarp & Restoration, our skilled professionals are trained to identify and eradicate offensive odors at their source.

Information tips to avoid having bad odors at home

> Keep your home clean and orderly. Dirt and clutter can provide food for bacteria and mold, which can cause odors.

> Ventilate your home regularly. This will help remove moist air and odors.

> Use natural cleaning products. Natural cleaning products do not contain harsh chemicals that can contribute to bad odors.

> Keep your refrigerator clean. Spoiled food can cause bad odors in the refrigerator.

> Clean your carpet regularly. Carpets can accumulate dirt, dust, and odors.

> Use a dehumidifier in damp rooms. Dehumidifiers can help reduce humidity, which can help prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

> If you have pets, keep their rest areas clean. Pets can cause odors with their hair, dander, and urine.

> If the bad smell persists or you do not identify where it comes from, you can count on Easy Tarp & Restoration, we can help you eliminate that unwanted smell from your home.

What is the Storm Damage Restoration process?

Why choose our Odor Removal service?

Effective Odor Detection

Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to identify the source of odors accurately. We use advanced technology and techniques to detect and target the underlying causes of the odor, ensuring a thorough removal process.

Customized Solutions

Every odor problem is unique, and our company understands the importance of tailored solutions. We develop customized strategies to address specific odor issues, ensuring effective and long-lasting results

Safe and Eco-Friendly Methods

Our company prioritizes the use of safe and eco-friendly methods for odor removal. We employ non-toxic products and techniques that are safe for both humans and the environment, ensuring a healthy living or working environment.

Comprehensive Approach

Our company takes a comprehensive approach to odor removal, addressing the root cause of the smell rather than masking it temporarily. We focus on eliminating the source of the odor to ensure a fresh and clean environment.

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