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Weather events or property defects that can cause flooding create a traumatic and devastating experience. 


If your home is affected by flooding it is important to take action quickly to protect your property and your safety.

If this were to happen to you, follow these steps:

Stop the water entry. If the flooding is caused by a water leak, turn off the main water shutoff valve. If flooding is caused by heavy rain or an overflowing river, seek shelter in a safe place.

Evacuate the area. If it is serious, evacuate the area immediately. Follow the instructions of the authorities.
Document the damage. If it is within your reach, take photographs or videos of the damage caused by the flood. This will help you request compensation from your insurance.

Call a professional. If you notice that the damage is serious, do not hesitate to call a professional to have it inspected and repaired.

Take your precautions during these unwanted events:

  • Install an adequate drainage system. Having a proper drainage system will help it drain optimally.


  • Keep your roof in good condition. A roof with details such as leaks can be the cause of flooding inside your home.


  • Keep your gutters and downspouts clean. This will help rainwater flow freely.

Now we share 3 basic security tips for these cases:

•  Do not touch or walk in floodwater as the water may be contaminated with debris or dangerous chemicals.
•  Do not use appliances or electrical devices that have been exposed to water, it is very likely that there is a risk of a short circuit.
•  Do not go near downed power lines, you could create a worse situation by being electrocuted.

Remember that if your house floods, it is important to have home insurance. Home insurance can help you cover damage caused by the flood.


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