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Sanitization in the food industry: a shield for health!

When we talk about food, health is an aspect of utmost importance.

And this is not only about providing delicious products, but also about ensuring the safety of consumers. Therefore, sanitization in restaurants and food establishments plays a fundamental role in preventing foodborne illnesses and protecting public health, but let’s learn a little about what sanitization is.
The sanitization process is carried out after cleaning, which eliminates or reduces to a safe level the pathogenic microorganisms in the areas, equipment and utensils used during the preparation and handling of food. Unlike cleaning, which only removes visible dirt and residue, sanitization focuses precisely on eliminating those bacteria, viruses and other agents that cause diseases.
The food industry is governed by various regulations that establish specific guidelines for sanitization in restaurants and food establishments. These regulations, which vary by region or country, seek to guarantee uniform hygienic practices and protect the health of consumers.
Let’s take a look at some of the key points addressed by these regulations:
  • Sanitizer selection: The sanitizers to be used must be approved by health authorities and appropriate for the type of surface to be treated.
  • Concentration and contact time: The manufacturer’s instructions for the dilution and contact time of the sanitizer must be followed to the letter.
  • Rinsing: After applying the sanitizer, the surfaces must be rinsed with drinking water to remove any residue that may remain.
  • Monitoring and verification: During this phase, procedures must be implemented to monitor the effectiveness of the sanitization process and verify that the parameters established in the regulations are met.

We can conclude that sanitization in the food industry is an unavoidable responsibility that contributes to public health and business success. By implementing the regulations and recommended practices, restaurants and food establishments can guarantee the safety of their products and offer a safe and pleasant experience to their customers.

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