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At Easy Tarp and Restoration, we’ve seen our fair share of water damage, and bathrooms are often ground zero.

Moisture lurking in those walls can lead to a host of problems, from unsightly mildew to structural damage. But fear not, fellow homeowners and business owners! Today, we’re here to shed light on the sneaky culprits behind bathroom wall moisture, and equip you with the knowledge to prevent it.

The Moisture Monsters

Condensation: Hot showers and steamy baths create a humid haven in your bathroom. When this moisture meets cold surfaces like tiles or mirrors, it condenses into tiny water droplets, seeping into walls over time.

Bathroom with steamy mirror

Plumbing Leaks: Faulty pipes, leaky faucets, or even improper shower pan installation can send water on a clandestine journey through your walls, leaving a trail of soggy destruction.

Leaky faucet

Exterior Water Intrusion: Cracks in the exterior walls, faulty flashing around windows, or overflowing gutters can all allow rainwater to infiltrate your home, finding its way to unsuspecting bathroom walls.

Cracked exterior wall

The Prevention Parade

Ventilation is Key: Open windows after showering or bathing to let the moisture monster out. Exhaust fans are your best friends, whisking away steam before it condenses.

Temperature Tweaks: Keeping your bathroom warm (around 18°C) helps prevent condensation. Consider a heated towel rail or small space heater.

Plumbing Patrol: Regularly inspect pipes and fixtures for leaks, and address any drips promptly. Don’t forget to check behind washing machines and dishwashers!

Exterior TLC: Regularly inspect for cracks in walls and around windows, and ensure gutters are clear and functioning properly. Sealing any openings is crucial.

Dry It Out: After showering, squeegee walls and wipe down surfaces to remove excess moisture. Regularly airing out towels and bath mats also helps.

Bonus Tip: If you suspect moisture in your bathroom walls, don’t wait! Contact Easy Tarp and Restoration right away. Our moisture detection experts will pinpoint the source of the problem and develop a customized restoration plan to get your bathroom back in tip-top shape.

Remember, preventing moisture buildup is always easier (and cheaper) than dealing with the consequences so don’t let those bathroom walls become a watery monster’s playground! By following these simple tips and calling Easy Tarp and Restoration at the first sign of trouble, you can keep your bathroom dry, healthy, and beautiful.

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